Classic weddings remain a timeless trend

Wedding hand heartsWith Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media outlets overflowing with incredible ideas and spectacular photos for a “Top Trending Wedding” it can all be a bit daunting!

My advise is to sit down and really think about YOU and YOUR partner. Work out what YOUR likes as a couple are, what YOUR interests are, what makes YOU happy and then go from there! Make the wedding all about YOU and YOUR partner. After all, it is YOUR day, so celebrate it YOUR WAY!

Classic weddings are always popular, because they are timeless and traditional, and using this as a base means you can then add little touches of “you” easily and effortlessly into the decor.

Wedding Flowers

Top ideas for a classic wedding: 

  • Using a neutral colour palette will always create a beautiful setting.
  • Add in touches of elegant gold, silver or bronze details throughout your wedding decor
  • Nothing quite compares to a natural floral arrangement for a truly timeless look. Bring out your style with a compact bouquet or be romantic with cascading wildflowers. You can be sure that floral arrangements will never fail to transform any space.
  • Fairy lights and uplighting all work work well to create an ambiance, but scattered candles are a beautiful, classic touch to any wedding. Go for that organic look that will last the ages.
  • It may be old world by Calligraphy still rocks and using this in the wedding invites and other wedding collateral invokes that bygone charm.
  • Weddings are all about celebrating with loved ones. Try long rows of communal dining tables, which allows for a relaxed wedding reception.
  • To me, candid, authentic and emotional pictures from your wedding day will always be favoured over posed and impersonal shots. By all means, keep the formal must have family photos, but then go wild with your photographer with natural shots.
  • Plan a fun exit from the reception. Try having all your guests in a double row while blowing bubbles as you leave, or get all the guests lined and then each light up sparklers…. there are plenty of fun ideas for a memorable exit.

What ever you do, having a clear vision in mind is always the best strategy to bring your dream wedding to life!

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Wedding candles






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