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Why do I need an event planner?

Planning an event is a fun and exciting thing. But it can also take up a huge amount of time, be quite stressful and if you are not in the know, can be quite expensive! Having an event planner or a party planner on your side can be a great help!

They can save you:
– Time – making sure all the finer details are thought about
– Money – through there negotiation skills
– Creativity – they often have loads of ideas that you might like
– Post party clean up!
– Stress

Saving time
By having someone else do all the running around and day to day coordination, it leaves you free to come up with the ideas and see the big picture instead of being swamped by all the smaller details. Choose the venue and the catering together and then let the event planner tie up all the finer details such as set up and food arrangements. Tell your event planner what you like and don’t like and let them come up with ideas for tableware and floral arrangements. Then work together to make it perfect for you. Not sure what to do about entertainment? Again, your party planner can help!

Saving you money
Event planners often have years of experience and can often negotiate a good deal with the venue or suppliers on your behalf. Many have a wide network of contacts with service providers that allows them to get good deals which will in turn be of benefit to you, hence saving you time and money. Event planners have lots of experience managing budgets, so tell them how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve and see what they can do!

Event planners often have wonderful creative ideas. Best of all they have lots of experience dealing with different people, events and parties, so they will be able to draw on this experience to help advise you what does and doesn’t work best. Why not tell them your ideas and see what they can suggest? Imagine – you want a “Night to Shine” complete with glittering chandeliers, sparkling tableware, and glitzy centre-pieces with bright fun flowers. The event planner will consider, research and plan in detail transforming your ideas into something concrete, ensuring that they exceed your expectations.

Post Party Clean
Having a party is great! Cleaning up afterwards, not so much fun!
If you hire an event planner, they will ensure that the venue is cleaned and tidy right after the party. This allows you to relax and thank guests or catch up with family members in a post-party session. Just another time saver your party planner can offer you.

How hard can arranging a party be? Surprisingly it can be very stressful, especially if you are inviting a large number of guests and have a lot of different suppliers booked. Keeping track of what has been arranged, what time they are coming, what each supplier will be doing etc can be very time consuming.

Hiring an event planner will lighten your load as they will look into all these areas for you and manage all the suppliers to ensure that you can relax and have a successful party.

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