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Choosing a Wedding venue

Choosing a wedding venue

Choosing a Wedding venue can be great fun, but it can also be quite a difficult decision – especially with so many great venues out there.

When we look at venues trying to narrow them down, we always look at the following things:

What is the theme?

Knowing what the theme will be at the start of the venue selection process will help. The whole theme concept may not have been decided yet, but it will give you an indication of what sort of venue to look for. For example, you want a traditional classical wedding venue, you are not then going to look at retro, chrome and glass style venues. Choosing a venue that suits your theme, may save you in the long run with decoration and other creative costs.


Where do you want the event to be? Make sure you have it in a central location with good access to transport links to make it easy for people to get to. Also, if you plan on having out of town guests, make sure there is a reasonable hotel nearby for them to stay at.


How much do you want to spend on the venue? This is hugely important, because this will also help eliminate venues. In today’s market however, if you have a firm idea of where you want to go, don’t be afraid to try and negotiate. Also, it is very important that you find out exactly what is included in the venue hire costs. With some venues, it is literally just the venue, with nothing else – no tables, chairs etc. Other venues charge a per person fee and this includes venue hire, table and chair hire and sometimes AV equipment hire. It is important to know what is included.


How many people are you inviting to your wedding? The last thing you want is to have 20 people attend but you have booked a beautiful room for 200 people.

Set up?

What sort of set up do you want? Do you need a dance floor and banqueting tables with space for a buffet? Are you having the wedding and reception together? Do you need a stage and a dressing room etc.  All of these are important as again, they may help you narrow down the venue selection.


Do you want bring your own food in or do you want the venue to supply it?

Many dedicated event venues require you to use their onsite catering services, so if this is important to you, make sure you check with the venue what their policy is. Community Halls and Recreation centres are usually always bring your own catering venues.

Services and facilities available?

It is always important to check these thigs out.

Does the venue have a kitchen? If you are planning on bringing your own caterers in, will this kitchen be enough for them. Some venues have very restricted food licenses and often only have food warming facilities on site – so it is important to check these. How many toilets are there, is there good disable access, is parking good. What other events will be on at the time your event is on?

All of these are important to know when planning your event, as they will affect the decisions you make for the day.

Noise restrictions

Always check with the venue what their noise cut off time is. Some venues in more built up areas have a much earlier finishing time – usually around 10pm. Other venues, where noise will not affect neighbours, can have a much later finish time. If you plan on having a band and dancing the night away, this will be an important factor for you.

 If you can narrow down these questions, then hopefully you should have a much easier time sleeting your final venue!

Good luck!

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